Learn from an experimental physicist

Aug 24, 2016 learning LaTeX phys-492/592

\usepackage{titlesec} % fine tune section title
\titlelabel{} % remove number in front of title
\titlespacing{\section}{0em}{0em}{0em} % remove spaces before/after title
% define new style
\fancypagestyle{overview}{\fancyhf{} % clear old style
  \fancyhead[L]{\textbf{Letter of Intent}}
  \fancyhead[R]{\textbf{Overview of Research Plan}}
  \fancyfoot[C]{Page \textbf{\thepage}~of~\textbf{2}}

\pagestyle{overview} % use newly defined style

Set margins, add top horizontal bar, etc.:

\usepackage[left=1in, right=1in, top=1in, bottom=1in,
headsep=0.5em, footskip=2em]{geometry}
\setlist{nolistsep} % remove spaces between listed items

Snippet of the final results:

LaTeX style tuning


Blogs on physics research and educational activities of Jing LIU, an assistant professor in physics at the University of South Dakota. He is an experimental physicist developing novel particle detectors for astroparticle physics and civil use.