Learn from an experimental physicist

Jan 12, 2020 learning Linux Windows MobaXterm


There are many ways to experience Linux in a Windows PC. You can install Cygwin, WSL, VirtualBox, etc. to have a Linux running within Windows. However, all of them requires some knowledge about Linux to begin with. It is possible for a newbie to start experiencing Linux in Windows without installing anything. Here is how.

Download a portable MobaXterm, run it and then start a local terminal within it. Ta-da, you can now experience the Linux command-line user interface in a program running in Windows. Zero installation is needed. You can even put it into a USB stick and run it in any Window PC with or without administrator privileges.


Blogs on physics research and educational activities of Jing LIU, an assistant professor in physics at the University of South Dakota. He is an experimental physicist developing novel particle detectors for astroparticle physics and civil use.