Career development of a particle physicist

May 29, 2015 career visa J-1 US

Three undergraduate students from the Department of Engineering Physics of the Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, contacted me, asking for opportunity to do summer interns in our department. They were recommended by our university to come with J-1 visa. After going through the whole process, I figured out a check list that a foreign student needs to provide to the host institute to initiate the process. Hope it can help foreign students who want to come in the future.

  1. a copy of your passport information page and any previous US visa information
  2. evidence that you’ve purchased insurance required by J-1 (receipt for example)
  3. evidence of financial support. If you cannot get enough support from your own and the host institutes, you should consider providing your parents’ bank statement and a certificate showing your relationship with your parents
  4. a copy of the invitation letter from your host institute signed by you, where the participation dates and your duty and responsibility should be stated clearly
  5. detailed mailing address (used by the host institute to send the DS-2019 form to you by fed-ex)
  6. CV

Once all information is collected, the host institute would be able to create the DS-2019 form, where you can get the SEVIS ID and Program Number. You can then use the SEVIS ID and Program Number to schedule visa interview online.