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Hi, I’m Jing LIU /jiŋ liou/, an associate professor in physics at the University of South Dakota (USD), SD, US, also known as jintonic on GitHub and physino on YouTube. You can get connected to me through various social media channels:

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I am the background coordinator and the deputy analysis coordinator of the COHERENT experiment at the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS), Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), searching for new physics through the detection of Coherent Elastic neutrino(ν)-Nucleus Scatterings (CEvNS). I also represent the USD group in the COHERENT Collaboration Board (CB). Please tell me your USD email address if you want to access the COHERENT Wiki, Slack channel, and Git repositories. I maintain a series of tutorials here to help you get started with COHERENT and ORNL related research.

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My group is developing cryogenic scintillating crystal and high purity germanium (HPGe) crystal based particle detectors. Please tell me your preferred Gmail accounts for me to share with you our internal resources about them hosted on Google Drive.

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I am the leader of curriculum development for the Germanium Materials and Detectors Advancement Research Consortium (GEMADARC), a global partnership funded through NSF PIRE to advance germanium technologies for the search of dark matter, neutrinoless double-beta decay and other rare physics processes. I initiated and co-organized GEMADARC summer schools since 2018. The school became virtual in 2020 because of COVID, and I started to post tutorials about Geant4 in my YouTube and bilibili channels.

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I administrate the USD Physics Department and Club pages on Facebook. Please let me know through my Facebook channel if you want to get connected or contribute to the pages.