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Nov 20, 2014 living US car

I worked in Japan for 5 years right before I moved to US. I was amazed to see that cars older than 10 years with mileages above 100 kilo miles were commonly used in US. Japanese tend to get rid of this kind of cars. This is probably due to the following facts:

  • Major cities are all connected by super express trains in Japan. Cars are mainly used in urban area with a lot of starts and stops.
  • There is almost no train connection between cities in US at all. Cars are used for inter city or inter state travels a lot.

It is easier to buy a car in US than in Japan. One don’t need to find a parking lot first.

One does not need to have a driver’s license to buy a car, as long as he can find someone else who can drive the car back home legally.

If you want to take a written test to get a driver’s license, check first. It is much more helpful than merely reading the Driver License Manual.