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Dec 23, 2017 teaching USD grant

Several grants are provided for faculty members every semester by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at the University of South Dakota (USD). A training session is issued by CTL before every fall semester to provide valuable information about the grant application. I attended one of them two years ago. Some critical pieces of information are summarized here.

Every year, CTL provides $10,000 to fund about 15 proposals, while the number of applications ranges from 20 to 60 every round. It is possible that all money is given out in a fall semester given enough good proposals and there will then be no fund for the following spring semester.

Multiple proposals are OK. But it is very rare that one faculty member win two grants in the same round.

Other financial support may or may not help. It all depends on your project.

Main argument should be in one page. Budget can be in a separated page.

Proposals will be reviewed by the grant Task Force, consisting of a group of 9 to 10 faculty from each school/college and members of the CTL.

Proposals inviting people to USD have higher chance to win than those proposing sending people to conferences.

Proposals involving presenting something in a conference have higher chance to win than those proposing simply attending a conference.

No food supply is allowed in budget.

Supporting letter from the chair of a department can be submitted later than the proposal itself as long as it is available before granting.

The number one most important criterion is the pedagogical impact of a proposal. The second is the professional impact. The completeness of past grant awards is also taken into account.