How a nerd lives

Jan 03, 2015 living personal development health

New Year resolution is not magic! You will be YOURSELF with or without it. I used to get excited after setting some goals for the new year. At the end of the year, rarely any of them could get realized. I regretted and got upset for several days until I set up some new goals for the next year and this circle simply goes round and round. I decided to end it by not setting any goal for this year at all.

My life never changed with a beautiful wish. It was always changed by tragedy, urgent situation or when I got inspired by somebody, something. For example, when I was seeking a chance to study abroad, I applied only top universities, avoiding facing the fact that I was not an outstanding student at all. This sounded ridiculous to other people. But I myself felt really excited. The result was obvious, I did not get any offer. But after that, I got extremely grounded. I was calm and active that the same time, kept doing things that needed to be done and got three offers next year. I am skinny all the time. I always wanted to get stronger, but never kept exercising for more than 1 month until I started to watch video posts by scooby1961 and Elliot Hulse on youtube. The former taught me how to be realistic on fitness goals and the latter introduced Joseph Campbellā€™s ideas to me. Now I have kept doing daily exercises for about 3 years.

At the beginning of this year, I will simply remind myself keeping doing two things. First, keep reading no matter how busy I am to get exposed to wise ideas and secondly, keep throwing myself into uncomfortable situation to get my butt chased by dogs all the time. And we will see how things turn out at the end of this year.