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Jul 04, 2017 research grant NSF US

The problem

Only a tiny portion of tax payer’s money goes to support scientists’ daily research. Much is eaten by defense, and administrative overhead.

The solution

One can donates equipment or services directly to individual scientists or their labs. It has the following advantages:

  • One can support his/her favorite scientific subjects, scientists or local schools.
  • zero overhead can be taken from various administration offices.

How to operate

Scientists describe their needs using texts, photo, video, etc. People donate equipment or services instead of cash to avoid management of money. Scientists ave to show how the donated equipment or services are used in benefiting their research. It has the following two advantages:

  • direct dissemination of research process
  • another education channel

The catch

This approach is bit too trivial for big donations, which don’t mind which science subjects or scientists to be supported. The donor may support subjects that are not the most important ones, and scientists tho are not the most competitive ones.