Career development of a particle physicist


Dec 08, 2021 career

The college may encourage creative ideas that do not need many resources to promote communication and outreach by officially recognizing those practices as a form of service to the college. Here we provide a few examples of this type of ideas. First, we can create social media groups for minorities, international faculty and students, first generation college students, etc., to counteracting feelings of isolation for new people on campus and to establish a heart-warning environment for everybody. We need to identify people as group leaders, who are responsible for the development of the environment. They can report on college meetings to create a feeling of belonging among faculty members, which is especially important after a harsh financial status report. This creates a network for communication, complementing the vertical hierarchical structure for the operation of the college. We can keep track of the career development of our graduates and alumni, use their stories to demonstrate the return of investment in liberal arts education, instead of reducing tuition further. We can form carpools for the college or even the university (like Uber) to solve the problem of lacking public transportation, especially for international students. We can collaborate with universities around us to overcome the limit of number of students in course delivery so that required courses can be delivered regularly to ensure that students can get required credits on time. We can also create a task force to create social media content, such as articles, pictures and videos of our faculty and students who don’t have time and experience to disseminate their excellent work. In summary, in addition to the traditional way to overcome the problem of limited resources, that is, prioritizing urgent common needs, creative ideas that do not demand much resource should also be considered. Untraditional ways of serving the college community need to be recognized officially by the college to encourage novel practices.

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